Dragon MK2 & Process

The Dragon corvette is a mid-level playable ship in Helium Rain. We upgraded the ship to provide better turret coverage and a refined look, while keeping the signature tail radar !

The material process uses material masks and provides heating, damage, etc. The ship has modular, swappable engines and guns ; masks for the two main body elements are provided as an example. The material masking process enables any combination of player colors across the ship.

Real-time render with UE4.

Gwennael arbona dragonalternate


Gwennael arbona dragonheat

Full heating across the ship

Gwennael arbona dragonfront

Alternate loadout - Front

Gwennael arbona dragonrear

Alternate loadout - Rear

Gwennael arbona dragonprocess

Material masks, glow masks & heat gradients

Gwennael arbona dragonmaterial

Material setup, using a master material common to every ship component